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Swindler Victimized OFW At NAIA

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Kuwait who arrived at NAIA on Feb. 27. Harija Panayaman Hamsa, hailed from General Santos City, works as a house helper in Kuwait for three years. While waiting for her flight to General Santos City, a guy approached her. With his excellent ability to talk, the OFW felt comfortable instantly became friends with him.

“He was easy to talk to and I became comfortable with him because he said he was also from General Santos City,” Hamsa narrated.

On their conversation, the suspect identified as
 Rey John Manglay claimed that he was also an OFW working as a waiter and on his way to Saudi Arabia.

Manglay claimed he was also an OFW on his way to Saudi Arabia to work as a waiter. About to take her flight to the province, Hamsa entrusted her baggage to the suspect as she needed to go to the comfort room.

When she returned, the suspect is gone together with her baggage with approximate value of around P200,000 in cash, jewelry and other valuables.

Hamsa went to airport authorities last March 8 to seek help.

She was allowed to view CCTV footages and was able to pinpoint the suspect, who was initially identified as “Arjhay Valdez”.

Footages showed the suspect taking Hamsa’s belongings.

While an officer was conducting surveillance at NAIA Terminal 1 Bus Transfer Area, he saw a passenger who looked like the suspect earlier identified by Hamsa.

The passenger wrote “Arjhay Valdez” on the Transfer Passenger Records prompting the officer to ask for additional identification cards for verification.

Te suspect was initially arrested or using fake identity and later turned over to the police authorities after confirming that he is the same guy who took the OFW’s belongings.

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