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Hong Kong Man Flies To The Philippines To Take Care Of Sick Former Nanny

A man from Hong Kong did not have second thoughts as he immediately flies to the Philippines after learning that his former nanny has gotten ill.

The Hong Kong man was taken care of by his nanny OFW Remelyn Zubiaga Yumul, 54, for almost 20 years. Now the former baby sitter was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer and the disease has spread on her other organs such as her lungs and appendix.

Yumul decided to go back home when she learned about her condition. She is entitled to medical care in Hong Kong as long as she was employed but she has chosen to return to the Philippines. Before going home, her employer gave her two-months worth of vacation leave pay to help her for whatever she needs to pay for her hospitalization.

Before Yumul started working for her current employers, she first worked for the Tse family in Hong Kong wherein she took care of a child named Philip for almost a couple of decades. She then decided to find a new employer after Phillip turned 19 years old.

Even when she stopped working for the Tse family, Philip and the rest of the family still keeps communication with. They considered the Filipina nanny a part of their family. After 16 years of working with her recent employer, she has gotten sick.

Philip, after finding out that Remelyn is sick, immediately booked a flight to the Philippines to take care of his nanny just like what she did to him for many years in the past.

Yumul has sought medical attention from Capiz Doctors Hospital in Roxas City wherein she underwent surgery last March 13. Phillip stayed to take care of her for four days in her hometown in Roxas City. Yumul was overwhelmed by the way Phillip gave his time to do something special for her.

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