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Hong Kong OFW Died While Taking A Selfie On A Waterfall

A 25-year-old female overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Hong Kong lost her balance while taking a selfie fell to her death according to the witnesses.

The woman belongs to a group of hikers who went to the waterfall at Ng Tung Chai in Tai Po. She was reportedly separated from her group while taking selfies to the tourist spot. While trying to take a photo of herself, she lost her footing and immediately fell down. She was unconscious when a government chopper had taken her from the water and brought to Tun Mun hospital. She suffered severe head injuries from the 15 meter fall. She later succumbed to her death.

One of the nine famous rivers in Hong Kong, Ng Tung Chai also has the biggest waterfall. According to the reports, it was not the first time that there were fatalities in the area. three people also died after falling to the same waterfall since 2005.

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