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How to Correct Birth Certificate Error for OFWs and Filipinos Abroad

Errors in birth certificate is a common problem among Filipinos. Especially if you are an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or Filipinos abroad OFWs who was born in the Philippines and who need to correct their birth certificates.

This is the reason why it is advised to correct the errors as soon as you can after you spotted it to avoid inconvenience in the future. If you are overseas Filipinos whether working or residing in other countries and if there is an error in your birth certificate, there is a big chance that you will encounter problem in immigration, travel and visa issuance and in getting other pertaining documents. In some cases, errors in birth certificates lead to deportation.

Correcting an error on your birth certificate is a long process and it takes years especially if you are in other countries. But the good thing is, there’s a process you can follow with the help of your trusted family members here in the Philippines.

If your erroneous birth certificate is registered in the Philippines you need to undergo the process both in the embassy and in the Local Civil Registrar (LCR).

Here are the following tips you need to follow;

1. Find a trusted family member or a friend to file the correction at the LCR of your birth on your behalf.

While you can submit your documents personally at the embassy, it still requires a person to physically coordinate with the LCR and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Don’t forget to provide him with a red-ribboned Special Power of Attorney (SPA).

Prepare for the documentary requirements. The documents required will depend on the errors. The LCR will make an initial approval of your correction, so bringing the actual birth certificate and supporting documents are important for their assessments. Supporting documents are any official document from the government or an institution showing the correct information.

2. Have your birth certificate and proof assessed at the local civil registrar of your birth.

Start the process by submitting your documents at the local civil registrar for assessment. This process can be done by your trustee here in the Philippines.

3. Follow Up!

Don’t just wait for something to happen on your petition. Make a regular follow-up. It is best to check where the document is when it has been transferred between agencies. It is also best to work with the agency concerned to immediately address problems that might encounter.

After you have your approved petition, bring it to the PSA so that they can annotate your birth certificate or else your correction will not reflect on your PSA birth certificate, although the correction was approved.

Source: FCB Law Office| Rappler

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