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OFW Robbed By An Airport Taxi Driver

An Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Hong Kong came home in time for the holy week but instead of having a solemn time to reflect, she had been victimized by an evil taxi driver.

Karen Mitschek, an OFW working in Hong Kong arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 on Wednesday morning. She boarded a white airport taxi to head home. Just several distances from the airport, the driver pointed a gun at her told her to leave all her belongings and get off the taxi.

The OFW alighted at C5 road as the taxi driver threatened to shoot her if she asks for help. The terrified OFW headed back to the NAIA to file complaints.  

NAIA General Manager Ed Monreal said that they will ban the whole fleet of the white taxis which belong to the same company as the suspect. He also gave an assurance that they will take action against similar incidents at the airport.

According to the latest information gathered by authorities, the taxi had been abandoned near the airport and the suspect is still yet to be located.

The NAIA management reminded their passengers going to and from the airport, especially the OFWs to be more cautious and vigilant in choosing and riding taxis.

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