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POLO In UAE Stops Issuing OECs For Those Who Arrived Using Visit Visas

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office In The UAE will no longer issue
Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) to all overseas Filipino workers who arrived in the emirates using visit visas starting last April 1 this year, All said OFWs who are going home on a break for the first time since getting a job, will have to get their OECs from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

It is part of the POEA’s efforts to document all OFWs around the world so that help can swiftly and effectively be provided should they encounter problems with their jobs or health.

Labor Attaché Fely Bay said that to obtain an OEC from POEA, the concerned OFW needs verify their employment contracts with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with certain requirements and a processing fee of Dh40.

Once the contract is cleared, the OFW can then set an online appointment with POEA so that application for and processing of the OEC can be done, according to Bay.

Used to be when OFWs, in an effort to save time travelling to and queueing in at POEA for their OECs while in the Philippines, would only need to transact with the POLO offices in the UAE to have it.

The OEC is a piece of document that OFWs must have with them when returning to the country where they work at following a vacation or work-related trips to the Philippines. Without it, they will not be allowed to board their flight

A polo-verified employment contract is among requirements when securing a POEA appointment for an OEC issuance.

The contract verification process involves checking whether the OFW is receiving a basic salary of at least not less than $400 or its equivalent of Dh1,500, which is the Philippine government’s requirement. They will also determine if basic services like transportation and accommodation are provided.

Other requirements are the employment contract; a valid resident visa page on the passport, a sworn statement of the OFW detailing how the job was acquired; proof of employment like a certificate, a valid company ID or the most recent pay slip.

Failure to provide the requirements mentioned and the verified copy of the employment contract to POLO will cause failure for the OFW to acquire their OEC.

For more information, you may contact POLO Dubai or Abu dhabi Through their official social media pages.

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