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Top 5 Best Countries for Overseas Workers According to Survey

Do you know what are the five best countries for overseas workers? If you are planning to work abroad you should consider working in these countries for better salary and benefits.

According to the survey conducted by HSBC in 2019 these countries are the following;
1. Germany
2. United Arab Emirates
3. United Kingdom
4. Bahrain
5. Switzerland

But what are the basis? In HSBC, the survey collected response from 22, 318 international workers in 163 countries around the world. This is base on four criteria;
Salary or remuneration
Career growth
Work environment

It is said that in four consecutive years, the United Arab Emirates ranked as the fourth most popular country for expatriate or foreign workers. It is because of the attractive salary packages and good benefits. In fact, 95% of UAE expats said their employment package includes health, transportation, and other benefits. Expats also lauded the UAE for its diverse work culture.

Aside from UAE, Bahrain is the second country to be included in the top five list. The country is recognized for its strong financial offering and various career growth opportunities.

According to the survey, 77% of expats in Bahrain have higher earnings than in their home countries and that they receive additional benefits such as accommodation allowance (68%), health benefits (64%), and airfare to home country (68%).

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are two of the top destinations of OFWs. For OFWs who are already working in the two countries, what are your thoughts? Are you enjoying the said benefits while working in the UAE or Bahrain? If you are planning to work abroad, are you planning to work in these countries? If you are an OFW, what is the best country for you to work for?

Only OFWs can answer those questions and if you are planning to work abroad, make sure to do your research about the certain countries you are going so that you will be knowledgeable in their laws, customs or traditions.

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