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Why It Is Dangerous To Post Diplomas And IDs Online

It is once again a graduation season but parents and graduates are advised not to get too excited in posting their diplomas and certificates of completion on social media. Same goes with other documents like PRC IDs and other important documents.

The Department of Education (DepEd) reiterated this reminder as social media sites are flooded with posts of proud parents or students showing their accomplishments during graduation or recognition days.

In its bulletin via its microsite, Deped said users must not post screenshots containing Learner Reference Numbers (LRN), a distinct identifier for the student which contains the historical school records, including grades.

LRN also contains sensitive personal information like birth date, race, ethnicity, age, as well as their parents’ data. Identity theft can use this critical information when retrieving email account or social media account passwords.

Also, specimen signatures of school administrators and official headers of schools can be replicated, edited and reconstructed for solicitations, impersonation and physical access.

The very reason is that scammers can steal your identity using the information you provided for them. It may seem insignificant for you but these people can use it to scam other people using your identity.

Social media is a potent avenue to connect and inform but you must also be responsible for what you are sharing to other people. You must be very wary of your privacy and protect yourself from any harm that social media could possibly brought about.

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