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Why OFWs Fail In Starting A Business And End Up Going Back Abroad

OFW Business Ideas: Why OFW fails in starting a business and end up going back abroad

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Posted by Azolla Pilipinas on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is not easy. Even you are working under the bond of contract and it is renewable, there is still no guarantee that you can go on working overseas forever. Time will surely come that you will decide to come home for good.

As a usual OFW mindset, we are thinking of saving money so that when we decided to come home, we would have something to start a business or a livelihood to sustain our family needs. However, sadly, many OFWs after coming home for good suffer loss to a business which is not profitable enough to sustain their needs, thus, forcing them to once again to find a job abroad.

An OFW shared his thoughts on why we should change this mind set. According to him, we should start to put up the business or livelihood before we even think of settling home for good. It will enable us to try which business would work and if we found the best business that will work for us then we can put coming home for good into consideration.

For instance, considering investing on buying a farmland may bring good results. As the farmland itself can be considered a wealth, planting crops can give you additional income. The best part is that, you could be earning home while you are working abroad. You can even supervise the farm operation through maximizing the use of technology and modern communications.

To make this plan work, the best move is to plan ahead and stick to eat to avoid yourself from suffering the same fate like many OFWs did.

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