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You Should Not Buy These Things If You Are Financially Struggling

Financial struggle is real and every human being face this kind of problem several times in their lifetime.

To help you survive during this times, you need to tighten up your belt and cut your spending as much as possible. Here are some things you should avoid buying if you are in this kind of situation.


If you love reading a new book, you may need to refrain from buying a copy. Buying and owning one will cost you a chunk of your budget. Besides, you can find free e-books online without spending much. Doing it can save you a lot.

Getting your nails done in parlors

Why spend if you can do it yourself? You don’t need to pay just to have gorgeous nails. You can do it during your spare time using cheap nail polish at the comfort of your home. The money you can save from skipping the nail parlor could help you pay your debts.

Bottled water

This is something you don’t need to do. You can instead bring your own water bottle. You can even refill it from drinking fountains and it is perfectly fine. At least doing this will not hurt your budget.

Getting a new hair color.

You can do it without going to expensive hair salons which requires you to pay high for the service. You can do it yourself by buying hair colors in boxes. You can look fabulous while trying to cut your expenditures.

Dining Out.

Eating out could cost you a lot. If you are working, bringing your own home-cooked food will not degrade you as a human. Only the budget you used to spend from eating in fast foods will be lessened.

Movies and Music

If you are already spending for the internet subscription, why not maximize its use? You could find good quality movies and songs from many sites which you can get to enjoy without spending too much and going to movie theaters.

A new ride

If you are financially unstable at the moment, why would you pressure yourself in getting a new ride? Consider your financial status and do not try to impress other people. after all the people you try to impress does not care about your finances at all.

A new smart phone

Mobile phones can be considered a necessity these days. If you really need a phone, there is nothing wrong in buying a used one. just check it for issues before buying it to make sure it is functioning well.

Toys for your kids

If you have kids, buying toys for them aside from they already have is not advisable. Toys keep on accumulating and when the kids grow up, thew will be useless.

Maintaining a checking account

Unless you are using it for your house amortization which requires pre-issued cheques, there is no harm in closing out your checking account which eats some of your maintaining balance.

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