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10 New Public Decency Laws You Should Know in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its strict laws and a hefty penalty for those who violate. So if you are living or working in Saudi Arabia, you should know the laws and regulation that you should follow to avoid being fined, jailed or deported!

It is no secrets that the Kingdom is now opening its door to the world. Foreigners can now apply for residency and the country is planning to bring lots of tourists to help its economy to be not so dependent on oil. In line with these reforms, the Kingdom is also working on its laws and craft new regulations designed to respect the values, customs, traditions, and culture of Saudi Arabia.

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And when there’s law, a penalty will follow! One of the latest of such is a new set of fines that deal with public behavior.

According to reports, 10 new rules of public behavior have been set and those who found guilty will be subject to a fine that can go up to SR5,000. The new laws are now being implemented. The rules will be applicable in any public places and were approved by the Saudi cabinet last month.

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Each of the 10 regulations will carry a corresponding fine that will be issued by the minister. Regulations will include the following;

  • Unauthorized graffiti
  • Verbal violence
  • Physical violence
  • Damage to public property
  • Conduct that is deemed a threat to public safety
  • Disrespectful dress codes
  • Unauthorized taking of pictures
  • Phrases that might offend public decency
  • Demolition of public property or transport

Cabinet members last month approved the regulations which aim to uphold the values, principles, and identity of Saudi society in public places such as parks, beaches, malls, hotels, and restaurants. It said that the sanctions will play a major role in forcing the community to respect and commit to the regulations.
The Ministry of Interior warns that anyone breaking one of the bylaws for a second time within the same year will face having their fine doubled.

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