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Angel Locsin Defends Herself And Hits Back At Female ‘Doctor’

Angel Locsin has been quite active on Twitter these past few weeks. And recently she had a Twitter war with a Pinay doctor based in Singapore.

Screenshots of their tweets have been circulating online.

Dear Ms. Angel Locsin, Artista ka. Doctor ako. FYI lang. Please take time to know your Philippine history very well. Your whining here on twitter is so embarrassing. Walang laman eh. NpA sprouted because of the liberal party whom you’re defending. Go to the mountain 4 u to know,” the doctor tweeted.

And Angel did not back down. She replied “Bat hindi ho kayo ang mamundok ng makatulong pa ho kayo sa mga lugar na malayo ang ospital kesa ho gamitin nyo pa ho yung oras nyo sa pag tweet sa akin? Inaano ko po ba kayo, ma’am para magalit ka ng ganyan?”

The doctor claims that she’s originally from Eastern Samar where there are a lot of NPA’s. And Angel still didn’t stop and said that she is often in the mountains.

The netizen then started mocking the actress saying Sagada and the Blue Mountains don’t count. She also said that Angel is just an “empty can” who is noisy but has nothing inside.

Angel then tweeted that the doctor should be responsible too and remarked that she was taught by her parents to fight for what is right. She felt sorry that the 140-character-limit was not enough to make the doctor understand her point.

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