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Dream Job? OFW in Hong Kong, Nanny of 8 Dogs!

Aside from being a hardworking, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are also known for being resilient regardless of what job they have to do in other countries to provide the needs of their family back home!

If you are working as a household service worker, a babysitter or a nanny in other countries, you are lucky if you land on a good employer that will give you a reasonable job that you can take and enjoy.

Dream Job for Dog Lover!

One example of this is the life of Sheena Rose Tamayo, an OFW in Hong Kong who works as a nanny, not of kids but of dogs. Tamayo was featured in GMA news where she talks about taking good care of not just one but eight dogs of her owner. According to Sheena Rose, she started working as a dog nanny in 2016 and started with one dog. And because she is a dog person, her employer is happy and contented on how she takes care of their first dog and inspired them to buy more until it became eight as of now.

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And take note, these dogs are not lap dogs but some dogs are bigger than her. Part of her job is to walk the dogs along the streets and in the parks as part of their exercise. She is currently taking care of two standard poodles, two German Shepherds, two Akita Inus and two Chinese Mongrels. So for animal lovers just like Sheen Rose, this is a dream job!

According to Sheena Rose, dogs are loving creatures. She also talks to them like human and she considered them as her best friends, stress relievers and helps her overcome homesickness.

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