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Dua Lipa’s Post About ‘Abortion’ Receives Different Reactions From Social Media Users

Dua Lipa is a popular singer_songwriter worldwide, many people have sang their hearts out to the songs “IDGAF” or “New Rules”.

Dua Lipa is also one of the celebrities who are against the Alabama law that would ban abortions with little exceptions.

And recently she posted a very controversial photo on her Instagram account. It is a photo of a billboard saying “Keep Abortion Legal”

She expressed in her caption that it should be up to a woman to decide whatever she wants to do with her body.

“Not your body. Not your choice. No justification needed. No man should be making such a fundamental decision on a womans body. How is it that abortion gets banned before guns? Our rights need to be heard. And we have a right to be outraged. All my support from the other side of the pond. In solidarity with my sisters,”

This has gotten many reactions from the netizens. Many were disappointed with her opinion saying that it is not only about a woman’s own body but also the unborn child inside of that body who will be “murdered” if they will get an abortion.

But there were still some that showed their support for Dua Lipa.

Many other celebrities also shared their stand on the said Alabama law like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, John Legend, and other artists.

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