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Female Daredevil Hangs On A Rope And Danced Outside The Window Of a High-Rise Building

Are you scared of heights? Well this woman surely isn’t. She was suspended outside the window of the building’s 17th floor. And she danced gracefully as she was hanging.

Employees and other people saw her spin around, flip, and float from left to right in this surprisingly breath-taking scene.

And one of the employees took a video of this daredevil moment of the girl. “I work for a company called Oak Branch Advisors and we’re located in the KPMG building in Downtown Dallas. It was still fairly early in the morning and I was having a friendly chat with a co-worker and that’s when I saw a lady drop down on a rope outside the window. The thing that amazed me the most was the fact that we’re 17 floors up. Well, I whipped out my phone and simply started recording.”


People who watched were so amazed of how brave she was and how wonderful her performance was. And after, she went near the window to wave at her audience.

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