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Going Abroad? Don’t Use Fake Documents or Else These Things Will Happen To You!

Because of high-paying jobs in other countries, still, working abroad is among the top choices of many Filipinos. Some people are so desperate to leave immediately that resulted in using fake documents while others fall as a victim of illegal recruitment.

So if you are planning to be an OFW, make sure you are transacting with licensed recruitment agencies that can be checked from the website of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and patiently prepared or process your needed documents and don’t use fake!

Just recently, immigration officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) barred an OFW from leaving the country for presenting fake documents. According to Belando Guevarra, head of the NAIA 2 TCEU, the OFW posed as seafarer bound for the UAE by presenting a seafarer’s book and fake overseas employment certificate (OEC).

Base on the data of the Bureau of Immigration, more than 7,000 outbound Filipino travelers were barred from leaving the country in the first quarter of 2019 due to the government’s intensified campaign against human trafficking.

The following are possible things may happen if you are using fake documents;

You will be barred from leaving the country

Immigration officers from different airports are very well-trained to do their job. They will know if you are using fake documents with the help of high technologies. Also, they can detect your body language if you are telling the truth or not. So imagine your sacrifice and the money you spent on the process that will put into waste if you get caught using fake documents.

Fake documents could mean arrest and fine

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warns OFWs against the perils of presenting fake documents abroad. According to DFA, once discovered, it invites criminal prosecution, stiff fine and the worst detention abroad. Aside from these, it could bring damage to the reputation of Filipinos as legitimate travelers as well as the integrity of documents process from the Philippines.

Or worst, you can be jailed

You can be sent to jail by using or submitting fake documents or information. Remember three OFWs charged with using fake documents to open bank accounts in Hong Kong? They were sentenced to five months in jail. Also, there are many cases of OFWs being arrested in Saudi Arabia for using fake marriage certificate and other documents. So even if you can get out of the country using fake documents, there will always instance you will get caught using falsified documents

You can be disqualified on an overseas employment program

The POEA warns OFW that may be disqualified or suspended from overseas employment program once caught using fake documents while applying for a job abroad.

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