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Guy Pranks Her Parents With Swap Gender Snapchat Selfie And Their Reaction Is Hilarious

Filipinos are inherently optimistic despite the natural disasters such as storms and floods that the country experiences during the rainy season. The ability to see good amid the bad is natural to people in the said country.
Filipinos are also very family-oriented, they know how to have fun with their relatives and most of the time joke around with each other.

Just like Joshua Maiquez who decided to prank his family in their group chat on Facebook messenger.

He sent a photo of himself using the gender swap filter from Snapchat to look like a girl. He posed squeezing his chest together so it would look like he has a sexy cleavage.

His father replied asking who the girl was and he said that he just mistakenly sent it.
He then added that the girl was in their house, naked.

Joshua then asked his papa not to tell his mom because she will get angry. He then continued acting as if the one in the picture was his side chick.

But then his mom started replying in the group chat, and her replies were hilarious. She really believed that the one in the photo was Joshua’s girlfriend.


She started scolding him and threatening him that they will no longer support him and give him money if he gets the girl pregnant.

Finally, Joshua admitted that he was the one in the picture. His father said that he would’ve looked ugly if he was a girl, and his mom said he looks like a prostitute.

How about you guys? Have you ever tried pranking your parents?  Share us your thoughts by simply leaving on the comment section below. For more news and latest updates, feel free to visit bahayofw.com. Thanks for dropping by and reading this post.


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