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“Huge shame on the other judges” Juan Karlos Expresses Disappointment Over Reggae Singer Didn’t Pass On ‘ Idol Philippines’ Audition

On Idol Philippines, a contestant named Luke Baylon got rejected after the three judges namely James Reid, Moira Dela Torre, and Vice Ganda said no to him after his audition.

Image: Idol Philippines

Only Mrs. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid said yes to him and wanted him to be part of the competition. But sadly, the number 1 rule of Idol Philippines is that you must get at least 3 nods to be able to continue to the next stage.

Image: Idol Philippines

Due to this, netizens got disappointed and called out the 3 judges that rejected Baylon. And some even demanded that they get fired for not having the ears to hear real talent and raw potential.

One of those who fiercely shared his disagreement to the 3 judges’ decision is JK Labajo.

“I just found out that the guy who got rejected at idol ph is the same guy who did an amazing reggae version of my song buwan. HUGE shame on the other “judges” for not seeing this guy’s potential. what a shame. such a shame. I’m ashamed.” Labajo said.

On Twitter, JK also expressed:

And netizens completely agreed with JK’s statement, they are wondering why Baylon didn’t get a spot at idol. They believe that Baylon should have been given a chance. Like a different song, maybe?

Here are some of the comments from netizens:



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