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Insensitive Social Media Post Cost A Man His Job

Think before you click. That is a common rule everyone should follow when using social media. Sometimes a simple post or a joke which have no amount of significance to you might be a big issue to other people.

Just like what happened Brian Velarde Dela Cruz who was working as a barista in a prominent milk tea company, who posted his experience being terminated by his company all because of an “insensitive” social media post about the magnitude 6.1 earthquake which shaken Luzon area last April 22.

His social media post translates as “the earthquake is boring, not even a single building collapsed.” The social media status which he already deleted upon the advice of his company HR, had become viral and swarmed by comments from angry netizens.

Dela Cruz also said in his other social media post that he already made a public apology regarding the said status.

However, the company still took the issue seriously and they had him terminated. In a copy of the termination notice also posted by Dela Cruz, it said that what he did was in violation of employees “ethical responsibility in the matter of morality and discipline.”

The April 22 earthquake which Dela Cruz joked about had claimed 18 lives and 282 people were injured.

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