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Massive Asteroid To Pass Earth on May 25, Saturday

On May 25th, a massive asteroid is set to pass by Earth. It is called asteroid 1999 KW4 and it’s almost a mile wide or 1.3 kilometers wide to be exact. It’s so big that being orbited by a moon.

On Saturday night 1999 KW4 will be its closest to Earth which is about 3 million miles away. It can be seen til May 27th. Since it has a moon travelling with it, this asteroid is technically considered as a binary system.

According to NASA, a binary system is two celestial objects that are close enough to orbit each other.

The asteroid has been classified as “potentially hazardous” since it’ll be travelling relatively close to our planet. But it is expected to safely breeze within 3.2 million miles from Earth.

“The goal is to put observatories and telescopes to the test, to become aware of what kind of information can be collected on short notice in case of a future close approach of a possibly threatening asteroid,” European Space Agency said.

The asteroid was originally discovered about 20 years ago, on May 20, 1999.

It will be best viewed from the southern hemisphere but people in the northern hemisphere will be able to see it two days after through a telescope.

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