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Stone Size Of An Ostrich Egg Removed From A Man’s Stomach

“Health is wealth” is a famous line that is pertaining to the importance of our health. If we are not healthy physically, mentally, or with our social wellbeing then our wealth means nothing.

Doctors at the Wuhan Jingdu Hospital checked a patient and found out that he was carrying the 13cm (5.1 inch) stone, and told him that he needed surgery urgently.



The patient is Zhou, 55 years old and has been suffering from the condition since June 2018 in Wuhan, China.

“The mass was ‘like an ostrich egg’. The bladder stone was larger than an adult human’s fist, taking up his entire bladder. If not quickly removed, it could lead to renal failure.” Dr. Wang Hui said.

But, the patient has a heart condition, so the surgeons decided to numb his abdominal region instead of using general anesthetic.

They chose to fish out the stone with their hands since they believe that it would be much difficult reaching tools inside.

The retrieved bladder stone is the biggest ever found at the hospital.

Dr. Wang claims it was caused by the patient’s habits. Like, not drinking enough water, sitting for long periods of time, and also for holding his pee in.

So people, always remember to hydrate yourselves throughout the day and to always go to the toilet when needed.

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