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This 19-month-old Baby Knows Over 300 Words and How To Count To 50

A child is a gift of God and each one is blessed with a unique talent or intelligence. However if the child shows an ability which is advance for their age, then that child is gifted.

They could be gifted in many things like in music, arts, math, leadership, and so on. If your child has a great memory, focus, high activity level, could early recognize their caretakers then the child might be gifted.

A child in the Philippines named Leroi Alba already knows the complicated Table of Elements, some flags, and heroes of the country.

At only 2 years old, he already knows how to write numbers and words and has an IQ of 132.

Another child also went viral after his mom shared a clip of him perfectly reading a set of flashcards.

Carter is only 1 year old and 7 months but he can already read over 300 words and can count up to 50.



In the video, Carter is seen looking at his mom to check if he got the words correctly before continuing to the next one.

He is clearly reads the words “like”, “to”, and “was”. He also knows if the cards are upside-down or not.

Many people were amazed with the genuis baby Carter.
He is one awesome baby indeed.


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