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This Man Robs Woman But After Seeing This, He Returns The Money And Left With A Smirk On Face

A woman whose last name is Li was seen at the CCTV of an ICBC bank one late night, withdrawing at the ATM. Then a man suddenly comes up behind the woman pointing a knife towards her.

Feeling scared, she gave him the 2,500 yuan that she just withdrew from the ATM. But it seemed like that the money wasn’t enough for him and forced her to show him her bank account’s balance.

She followed his instructions and then something even more shocking happens.

When the robber saw that Li’s bank account’s balance was ZERO he had a change of heart and returned the money that he stole.

He then walked away with a smirk on his face.

Li was still shocked with what happened and was still trying to wrap her head around what the man did.

Although the man returned the money he attempted to steal, he got captured and detained for the threats that he made while pointing a knife at the woman.

This happened in Heyuan City, South China. Netizens were surprisingly positive about the incident and even called the man as the modern day “Robin Hood”.

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