Vape In Dubai Public Places And Pay AED2,000 Fine - TRENDING NEWS, OFW INFO'S, HOUSE DESIGNS

Vape In Dubai Public Places And Pay AED2,000 Fine

Dubai Municipality has a fervent reminder to the public: vaping or using e-cigarettes in public areas violates smoking law. By doing so, violators will be fined up to Dh 2000.

Vapers and smokers are generally not allowed from vaping/smoking at public areas such as shopping malls, churches, schools, health facilities and more. In addition, vaping/smoking is also prohibited inside vehicles that transport food, petrol, medicine, and chemicals.

“The municipality will monitor any violation related to vaping in public places. Specialists in the municipality will take the necessary measures to track down violators who smoke e-cigarettes in public places,” said Dubai Municipality Acting Director for Health and Safety Department Nasseem Mohammad Rafie, as per a report from The National.

In February, the government has announced under UAE.S 5030 legalized the selling of e-cigarettes and vaping devices in the UAE. This includes electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes, electronic shisha devices plus the liquid refills.

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