WATCH: Furious Wife Caught Her Husband With Another Girl In Cinema Date - TRENDING NEWS, OFW INFO'S, HOUSE DESIGNS

WATCH: Furious Wife Caught Her Husband With Another Girl In Cinema Date

Sometimes, people cheat because they’re no longer in love with their partners or they have fallen in love with someone else. But ultimately, no reason can ever justify cheating.

You’re not only hurting someone but you’re also putting yourself in shame. Much shameful if you’re caught on cam doing your illicit deed, just like the man in this video who played the field and ended up getting caught by her wife with her new lover while they were in a mall.

A video of a woman catching her partner taking another girl to the cinema went viral.

The woman caught the two before they entered the cinema and then she confronted them.

In the video, she first faced the man and painfully slapped him right in the face. And when she passed by the other girl, she suddenly pulled her hair to which caused the other girl to fall on the floor.

But sadly, after everything the man still decided to stay with the other girl.


Many netizens thought that what the woman did was right and that the two deserved what happened and maybe even more.

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