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WATCH: Video Of Tricycle Without Driver Goes Viral On Social Media

Filipinos are very strategic in life. They always find ways to make their lives easier in a very clever way.

It is now the start of the rainy season in the Philippines and the hard rain can sometimes be a nuisance.

So this tricycle driver probably did not want to get wet by the rain and be hit by the cold cold winds as he drove around.


So he decide to drive the motorcycle inside his roofed side car. A man named Jimmy Sanosa caught it on cam and posted it on Facebook.

It was hilarious, it looked like it was a driverless tricycle. Some netizens even said that they didn’t want to see this if they were drunk they would most probably pee their pants.


The video now has more than 333,000 views and 7.1k shares as of this writing.

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