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Woman Who Lost Her Memory Falls In Love With The Same Boyfriend

19 year old Jessica Sharman suffered a really bad seizure a few months ago when she was on her way to work with her boyfriend Richard Bishop and this caused her to completely lose her memory.

She then had to go through getting to know everyone in her life again including her parents and boyfriend.

In 2010, she got diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy. After the accident, her boyfriend did everyone he could but she still suffered memory loss.

Trying to recall the events surrounding that moment she said she had no idea what was going and momentary amnesia was normal for her after seizures. However, she saw a woman running towards her and she had no clue who the woman was. She just stared at the woman blankly, who was actually her mom.

“My world fell apart that day. I was faced with strangers claiming to be family”

To convince Jessica about their relationship with her, they showed her photos with them.

It was a hard time for Jessica and her family as well. But it was more challenging for her boyfriend to convince her about their romantic relationship.

He was a virtual stranger for her. And she hated being left alone with him. He would bring her to supposedly their favorite park but she wouldn’t want to be close to him. She doesn’t even want to hold his hand.

This was devastating for Richard. He was determined to bring back what they had so Jessica agreed to date him but she made no promises.

Luckily, she has “recovered” her life but still anxious about how her diagnosis might result to more memory loss.

But Jessica is hopeful that she can survive anything as long as her boyfriend and family are by her side.

She feels lucky of having her boyfriend because he stuck by her even when she felt that he was a total stranger to her.

Currently, Jessica wants to focus on creating new memories.

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