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Babae Na Pumunta Sa Kapitbahay Para Mag Tsimis Naipit Sa Gate Ng Limang Oras

Gossiping or spreading rumors is never right. More over, saying bad things when someone is not around is not cool too. These actions should not be tolerated.

But there are still a lot of people who loves to gossip or to “chismis”. Radio La Roca FM 103.9 shared a photo of a woman whose head got stuck between the bars of her neighbor’s gate.

She is from La Virginia, Colombia. And she got stuck there for five hours. But for her it surely felt like forever.

Reportedly, the woman wanted to check if her neighbors were home or not but unfortunately her head got stuck.

It hasn’t been stated if the woman was trying to gossip or if she had something important to say to her neighbors. However some netizens already concluded so.

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