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Babae Nahuli Ang Kanyang Boyfriend sa Mobile Legends Na May Ibang Babae

It will never be right for you to cheat on your partner. It always leaves the one cheated on in pain and scars that will stay in their hearts forever. Makes them doubt themselves if ever they were enough for the other person.

Nadia Ashraqat Tanisha caught her boyfriend cheating on her through the popular mobile game “Mobile Legends”. She messaged the other woman if she ever talked to her boyfriend.


The other woman whose username was Jewelkim in the said game confessed that did talk and that they also talked recently. She claims that she didn’t know that he was already in a relationship and she didn’t bother asking him as he was the first one to show motive.

She did apologize to Nadia for the relationship she didn’t intentionally ruin.
Nadia then confronted her boyfriend with the information she learned. He kept on denying the issue even though there’s already evidence.

Many netizens tagged their partners telling them not to be like the man in the screenshots and not to use the game “Mobile Legends” to chat with other girls.

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