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Batang Lumaki Sa Tambakan Ng Basura, Nakakuha Ng Scholarship Sa Isang Sikat Na Unibersidad Sa Australia

Who would’ve thought that this girl who graduated valedictorian and will be on her way to Australia to study in a scholarship she got from University of Melbourne, used to live in a garbage dump?

Sophy used to live in a garbage dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Similar to the kids who lived in that garbage dump, she used to not go to school and search the trash for something she and her family could sell to make money.

She would be able to earn a few coins to get by hunger every day.

When she was 11 years old the Cambodian Children’s Fund or CCF rescued her and sponsored her to go to school. Even though she wasn’t able to get early education she was able to catch up quickly and excelled in her studies.

Because of CCF’s help, Sophy was able to move up from her life in the garbage dump. She graduated as valedictorian from Trinity College and was able to nab a full scholarship in the University of Melbourne.

As she fluently gave her valedictory address in English, no one would think that she came from a garbage dump. However, she has not forgotten about her past and plans to go back to Cambodia so she may spend time with her friends before starting a new semester at the University of Melbourne.

Congratulations to this beautiful woman! May you continue to be an inspiration to all young women around the world.

source: cambodianchildrensfund

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