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Bumili Ang Lalaki Na Ito Ng Short Sa Isang Ukay-Ukay, Laking Gulat Niya Nang Makita Niya Ito

In the Philippines, you can find thrift shops anywhere. Buying from thrift shops has been part of our culture and society.

It can actually be a really fun experience when you find something rare for a very cheap price.

But this man got a really thrilling experience from an “ukay-ukay”. The story was shared by a guy named Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamad. He is 29 and owns an ukay ukay store. He usually buys the goods in Kampung, Tualang Salak, Kelantan in Malaysia.

And last January 13th, he bought 2 sacks of clothes worth around $24. Later on he arrives at the warehouse and checks the clothes. And then, he noticed something odd from one of the pair of shorts that he held, and when he looked into one of the pockets he saw a black wallet. And when he opened it, there was heaps of money.

“I was shocked to see so much cash in it amd after counting the money, I took some pictures and uploaded it on Facebook at 9:20pm.” he shared.

“I’ve changed 450,000 yen to local currency (approx. RM 16,800 or $4, 150) and the rest will be kept as memory. I will use the money to expand money in the future.” he added.

Plenty of netizens felt jealous of him and tried buyinh from other ukay-ukay stores but sadly they didn’t find any money.

Do you like going to thrift shops? Share your experiences below!

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