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Derek Ramsay Confirms Break-up With Long-time Girlfriend

After 6 years of being together Derek Ramsey and model Joanne Villablanca decided to break up.

Derek recently confirmed the breakup in an interview last June 6. “Yes, we have broken up,” he said.

However he said that he would to keep the details of the reason why they broke up private. “It’s all for the best.” he said.

Just 2 months ago Derek even disclosed about his plan to get married to Joanne.

“My parents have been married for over 40 years. I just want to be prepared so that my marriage will last like my parents,” he said.

“She’s definitely the type who wants to get married, and I think the whole part of her moving in is steps towards that direction,” Ramsay added.

The two officially became a couple in 2013. And after 3 years they decided to move in together in 2017.

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