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Dinala sa Ospital ang babaeng ito dahil sa Pananakit ng Tiyan. Nang suriin ito, ‘Di makapaniwala ang mga Doktor sakanilang Nakita

Have you heard of the term bezoar? A bezoar is a term that experts use to describe the foreign materials that are being discovered inside a person’s stomach and intestines.

According to WereBlog, the most common bezoars consist of plant materials that are being called ‘phytobezoars’.

However, there are times when the most puzzling and definitely the most unbelievable foreign materials are being discovered inside a human body.

Metals that are being discovered inside the human body are called metalbezoar. This is such a rare case, but still, some people are suffering from it.

In fact, a 43-year-old woman has reportedly been suffering from such condition. She was rushed to the hospital after she experienced abdominal pain and vomiting for 10 days and when the doctors checked her out, they were blown away by what they’ve discovered.

Her x-rays showed that she ingested a lot of foreign materials. In order for the doctors to save her life, an urgent operation was done in order to save the woman who happens to have a psychiatric disorder.

The metalbezoars found in her stomach are Nails, pens, spoon, woods, hair, metal chain, and toothbrush.

Reports claimed that the woman has already experienced the same thing before. She has a history of foreign body ingestion.

Experts claim that Bezoars generally occur in emotionally disturbed, depressed, or even mentally retarded patients and in order for them to prevent recurrence, they’d have to undergo psychiatric evaluation and therapies.

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