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Estudyante Na Absent, Nag Trending Matapos Makipag-videocall Sa Kanyang Kaklase Para Makinig Ng Lesson

It’s such a hassle when you were absent for a day in class and have to catch up with the lessons. So what some students do is they ask their classmates to take a photo of the lecture for that day.

But Facebook user Nathan Esguerra was a little more creative. He posted a screenshot of his video call with his classmate Vince Catolico during his “missed” class.

So instead of reading and understanding just photos of the lecture, it was as if he was in class with them.

“Physically absent. Virtually present.

Woke up late. Thanks sa classmate ko. HAHA lupet

EDIT: Pumasok kayo as much as you can uy.” he captioned the photo.

Plenty of netizens reacted to the photo and some even tagged their friends to tell them that they now know what to do whenever they’ll be absent.

However not everyone agreed to what Nathan did, they found it unfair for those who made an effort to go to school. And some thought that it wasn’t really right to have a video call during the class.

Nevertheless, this should serve as a reminder for all students that going to school and actually being there to listen to your teacher discuss is important. Education is a stepping stone for success.

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