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GSW Fan Smashes Huge TV After Beats Warriors Goes Viral

Plenty of Toronto Raptors fans are celebrating the win of their team recently.

The East Conference champion beat the NBA defending champion Golden State Warriors with the score 114-110.

But of course this is really sad news for those GSW fans after their favorite team loses after several years.

Facebook page “FunnyOne” share a clip of a GSW fan who smashed their flatscreen TV after GSW lost to Raptors.

He was so mad with the result the he first hit the TV with a chair then later on takes it off the wall and smashes it to the floor.

“Golden state pissed me off!!!” it was captioned.

But he still wasn’t satisfied, he also smashed the computer monitor across the room.

Many netizens laughed in the comments and said they felt bad for the TV. The video has 106K views and 4.5K shares as of this writing.

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