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Here Are The Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings In The Philippines

Wedding day is one of the most important day of a woman’s life. Wedding is the symbol of the beginning of all the things to come. You are surrounded by absolutely everyone you love in the world and you are committing yourself to your best friend/husband. It’s just such a positive experience. How could it not be important?

While that makes sense, the wedding day is an extremely important transition in a woman’s life. It’s a rite of passage. It’s the death or the loss of one’s former self and a birth of the next and to actually bring myself to the point of fully giving my trust to someone.

That is why you want it to be PERFECT. You want to present yourself perfectly to your husband in the present of God. You want to make it memorable, you want to make the place like heaven, a reception every guest will enjoy.

Of course if you want it like a fairy tale you should have enough money to make it happen. Like this famous name here in the Philippines. Look how much they spent in their wedding day.

1. Imelda And Ferdinand Marcos

2. Yong Larrazabal and Donna Cruz

3. Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmas Bektas

4. Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto

5. Jules Ledesma and Assunta de Rossi

6. Hayden Co and Dra. Vicky Belo


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