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Hinahanap Lang Ng Anak Niya Ang Baterya Ng Laruan Nito, Hindi Niya Inaasahan Na Ito Ang Kinuha Ng Anak Niya At Inilagay Sa Laruan

A Gorgeous mom captured the hilarious moment of her son mistook her tampons for batteries and posted the photos on social media.

‘My son just found the “Batteries” in my make up bug’, The mom wrote on Her Facebook account alongside a photo of his toy car with two tampons jammed inside it. Heather, told the daily mail that she was making breakfast and left her gym bag near front door from the day before whe, leo (her son) spotted it.

‘His “McQueen” car has no back so I don’t put batteries in case he takes them out and plays with them,’ she said.

“So far a few weeks now I’ve had to tell him I can’t find the batteries and we’ll have to get more. While I was cooking, he took it upon himself to go through my gym bag, empty my makeup bag and play with my foundationg,” heather said.

‘all of a sudden he screams and says” Mummy look I found the batteries,” she added. The mother of two ran over to her son as he excitedly showed her the ‘batteries’ he discovered in her bag. “I had to explain to him that they weren’t batteries and that they are for mummy,’ Heather said.

“I told him to how clever he was, although they weren’t going to make the car turn on!”

Heather was happy she caught this hilarious incident with her son on camera because it’s something other moms can relate to. Maybe not all kids mistake their mom’s tampons for batteries, but they sure do other silly things.

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