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Imbes na Wedding Ring, Kakaibang Singsing ang Napili ng Bagong Kasal na Ito

One of the most emotional moments of a wedding is the exchanging of vows as they also exchange wedding rings. This symbolizes the union of the newly weds. So plenty of people really save money for these rings.

More often, couples choose to get gold wedding rings. But this old tradition is heavy on the budget, so if you’re looking for something cheaper but meaningful maybe try what this couple did.

This millennial couple, Mimi Miaco and John Paul Rivera, decided to get matching tattoos on their ring fingers instead of getting those expensive golden rings. And it only costs 2,500 pesos but it is just as meaningful.

They chose the word “palagi” which is “always” in English.

“And instead of choosing “forever” or “always,” we thought of a Tagalog word that had a good ring to it: “palagi.” My husband always jokes about what palagi meant for him: palaging taga-buhat, palaging taga-abot, and the list goes on! But really, it means always choosing each other.” Mimi said.

Other than their unique choice for wedding rings, the couple also chose to have a non-conventional wedding rites. Their entourage wore simple “pambahay”clothes during their wedding, instead of those long formal gowns and suits during their pictorial.

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