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Isang Pulubi Inayusan at Sinama Sa Outing ng Mga Tumulong Sa Kanya

People become homeless for a lot of different reasons. Like lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty, low wages, and so on.

Some people become homeless after getting out of prison, for some women it’s because of domestic violence. The people who are living on the streets keep on increasing each year. They have no where to go, nothing to eat, no one they could run to.

Luckily and gratefully, there are still some people who dedicated themselves to helping out those in need.


On Facebook someone shared a heartwarming story of a man who was rescued from the streets. They cleaned him up and was given a makeover. They also fed him and let him enjoy which is something he hasn’t done for quite a while now.

They took him swimming and this made him smile all throughout the day. This just shows how genuine the happiness he felt being rescued from the streets. His rescuers gave him hope to continue living.

Many netizens were affected by the man’s happiness, they said that the photos made them smile too. Share your thoughts below!

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