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Kanal na may Koi Fish sa Iligan City, Gustong Ipatanggal ng Mga Opisyal

Remember the canal in Iligan City that was full of trash before and then some residents voluntarily cleaned it and turned it into a pond full of Kois? Well recently, the local government there is requesting to have it demolished or removed.

And netizens are NOT happy about it. The office of the City Engineer directed that it needs to be demolished by this July 2nd. Local residents were extremely sad about the news as many children who pass by get entertained by the fishes and has become like an attraction to vacationers.

Another positive effect of the said pond is that there has been less mosquitoes in the area, which could potentially cause dsngue fever or malaria, because the Kois eat their eggs.

Local residents are also worried that if the pond does get demolished people might throw their trash and plastics again into the canal. Many hope that the local government changes their minds about the said issue.

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