Kilalanin Ang Napakagandang Pinay Pilot Na Si Chezka Na Magbibigay Ng Inspirasyon Sa Lahat - TRENDING NEWS, OFW INFO'S, HOUSE DESIGNS

Kilalanin Ang Napakagandang Pinay Pilot Na Si Chezka Na Magbibigay Ng Inspirasyon Sa Lahat

Businesses around the world are trying to promote gender equality, women’s full participation and leadership in the office, market, and community.

More than ever before, today’s young women have more choices and control in their lives. They had the most choices in education, the least in career choices.

And this woman named Chezka Gonzales-Garrido chose to be a pilot. And she is inspiring other women to be whatever or whoever they want to be.

She is now 30 years old and previously graduated from FEU with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She did all this while she was also learning how to be a new mom.

However, she has always dreamed to be pilot so she decided to shift careers. So she trained to be a flight attendant for six years but still held on to her dream on flying a plane.

In her post she shared two photos of her side by side. The first one was when she was still an FA and sitting on the co-pilot’s seat while wearing his hat.

“Picture on the left was taken 6 years ago when I asked the co-pilot if I could sit on his chair, borrow his cap and take a picture…. 6 years later , it’s the same chair, but the cap is now mine, no need to ask permission to sit and i can now take unlimited photos. Do you think it’s time someone borrow my cap?”

As for the second one, she’s smiling from ear-to-ear because she has finally reached her dream. She is now a licensed pilot who flies private planes.

So everyone, remember to never stop dreaming and working hard to achieve your goals!

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