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‘Kilay is Life’ Para Sa Babaeng Ito Kaya Nagpatattoo Siya Ng Kilay Ngunit Laking Pagsisisi Niya Sa Naging Resulta Nito

For some women having a good looking set of brows is really important, as it frames their faces. It makes a huge difference to a woman’s face that’s why the phrase “Kilay is life” came to life. Many women would agree that as long as they’ve done their brows they can leave their houses without any other make-up on such as lipstick, mascara, foundation, and so on.

That’s why getting your brows tattooed is getting more and more popular these days, no matter how expensive some get. But this woman had a not so great experience with having her brows tattooed.

Kanyarat Chaichan, 26, is from Thailand. She got so disappointed after seeing the result of her eyebrow tattoo, they are 1cm wide! She disclosed that she got it done by an inexperienced artist for a cheaper price. But after seeing the result she quickly regretted what she did.

When she felt hopeless of having her brows fixed again as she doesn’t have enough money anymore, a kind-hearted and giving beauty therapist gave her a corrective treatment for free.

The said treatment is worth 50,000 baht or about $1,600. March 21st, she went to Surat Thani, Thailand to have her brows fixed. However she has to wait for six months to complete the treatment and see the results.

There is nothing wrong of wanting to enhance your beauty but always be cautious on where you have it done. Go to licensed professionals and save up for it because at the end of the day, your safety is the most important.

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