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Kontrobersyal na Vlogger, Nagsalita na Tungkol sa ‘Father’s Day’ Video Niya

Just this week a Pinoy vlogger caught the attention of netizens with his much controversial video. Keith Talens uploaded his Father’s day surprise-went-wrong video.

Keith has been in the YouTube community since 2013 and has over 820,000 subscribers with 32 million total views for his videos. With this huge number it’s no surprise that the video quickly went viral.

He uploaded the said video just a day before Father’s day. He planned to surprise his father who was in the hospital at the time. However, he was the one who got surprised with what he witnessed.

It took them a few hours before they could arrive at the hospital. And when they got there he and his family learned that his father already passed away. All of these were recorded on camera as another person also took a video of Keith’s reaction.

Though he was mourning, Keith was still able to edit and upload the video on social media. But it got mixed reactions from the audience, many thought that this kind of personal loss should have been kept private.

As of this writing, the video has been demonetized. Keith also disabled the comments section.


Keith then uploaded a follow-up video to explain what happened. He claims that he originally thought that he was just getting pranked by his step-brother.

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