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Customer Binuhusan Ng Drinks Ang Manager Ng Isang Sikat na Fast-Food Chain Dahil Sa ‘Strawless’ Policy’

More and more restaurants have opted to become strawless, an act that they believe can help save the environment and most of all reduce the risk of plastic straws to marine life.

But recently Facebook user named Imee Joy Urgelles, manager in one of the branches of Jollibee shared pictures of her uniform splashed with soda done by a rude customer.

The manager said that she was humiliated by what the customer did all just for having no plastic straws due to the resto’s strawless policy.

But she remained calm and professional and still kindly explained to the situation and thanked the customers who understand the company’s advocacy on straws.

Read the full post below:

“Straw Less”

Sa customer na nagbuhos sakin ng softdrinks dahil sa “straw less” kami ingat po kayo Mam. Thank you dahil sa inyo napatunayan ko na effective manager ako hindi ko man nabigay ang straw na kailangan mo at least naexplain ko ng maayos kung bakit wala kaming straw. Sa muling pagkikita and God bless you po.

Sa lahat ng fastfood customer na nakakaintindi at nakakaunawa ng “STRAW LESS” kudos sa inyo. 

PS. Nanay ko pa naman nag plantsa ng uniform ko. Tuloy ang duty hehe

Many netizens took the manager’s side in the comments and commended her for staying professional.

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