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Lalaki, Ibinahagi Ang Kanyang ‘Cool Idea’ Upang Magkaroon ng Malaking Espasyo sa Isang Maliit na Kwarto.

Not everyone can own a huge house. So people do what they can to fit their things inside their home. If they have enough money and are crafty they try renovating to maximize the limited floor space.

But there are also ways to get similar results without having to break the bank. Just like this Facebook post that went viral recently, the small room got renovated and transformed to a large and spacious room that came with an entertainment area with a sofa and TV, and even a small working space with a PC.

This was done by putting up the bed near the ceiling so that the space below could be used as an entertainment area.


The photos were posted by Maharlika PH. That has gained 5.6K reactions with 6.9K comments and 30K shares

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