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Lalaki Kasama Sa Iisang Bubong Ang Kanyang Magandang Dalawang Asawa

One of the most common reasons why couples break up is cheating and most of the time the man is guilty. Though this can be quite painful, it really does happen.

However recently, more people are agreeing to having an open relationship. Just like this man from Thailand, where he has two wives. 42-year-old Manop Nuttayothin lives together in the same house with his two wives and their 9 kids.

Warissara Poksrichan, 32, the second wife shared how it works between her and the third wife of their husband Nattaya Tongpan, 26.

When Warissara found out that her husband was having an affair instead of getting angry she openly accepted it. And if you ask her how it’s like living together with Nattaya she claims that there is no competition or jealousy and insecurity between them.

Truth be told, the two became really great friends and helps each other take care of the 9 kids. But most people would ask how can Warissara still be kind towards Nattaya even though she is her husband’s mistress?


Warissara says that she knows how it feels like to be a mistress as she is not their husband’s first wife. He had a wife before he met the two but she already passed away. Manop had 3 kids with his first wife, 3 with Warissara, and another 3 with Nattaya.

Netizens had mixed reactions about the kind of relationship they have. Some supported them, but some disagreed too. How about you? Share your thoughts below!

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