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Lalaking Anak, Minura Ang Kanyang Ina Na Isang OFW Dahil sa Dahilang Ito

Working abroad is not an easy decision to make. It will separate you from your beloved family just to get a bigger income compare to our homeland can give us.

The money that they get from their job is just a little higher than here in the Philippines. Not like what most of the people thinks that they have plenty of money to spend. Most of their salaries went to their families. They are literally called “one day millionaire”. Because after they get their salaries, it will be sent home. They only keep exact amount of money for their foods.

Aside from being a one day millionaire, it is sad for our OFWs to be separated from their loved ones. Especially to mothers that has no assurance of the safetiness of their kids.

A story went viral after a son cursed his mother for not sending the money that he is expecting that day.

The son is expecting the money that day for him to pay his bills on a shop. But unfortunately, his mother was not able to send money because her employer did not allow her to go out.
Read the viral conversation below.

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