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Litrato ng Bagong Panganak na Bata Na May Buntot Na May Habang 16cm, Viral Sa Social Media

A baby girl was born with a 16-centimeter visible human tail in Noakhali last May 30th. The is the first of its kind in Bangladesh, doctors said.

Photos of the baby quickly circulated the internet and went viral. And recently, pediatric surgeon Dr Nazrul Islam Akash, of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), has successfully removed the 16-centimeter long tail on the 2 weeks old baby girl by surgery at the Al-Karim General Hospital in Dhaka.

“This case is not as critical as it is rare. The tail was without nerve, bone, and was not connected to the spinal cord. Human tails are of two kinds: pseudo tail and true tail. It was a true tail, like appendages (extension of skin like a nail). It is not harmful to the body,” the doctor said.

As mentioned, this was the first time it happened in the said country but about 40 times around the world.

Netizens however jokingly said in the comments that Goku from the cartoon Dragon Ball has been finally born.

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