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Litrato ng Isang Lamay Na Walang Kabubong-bubong Sa Batangas, Viral sa Social Media

Facebook user John Carlos Acob shared photos of a wake located in an open space court. The photo was taken at San Pascual, Batangas. And since rainy season is starting, there’s a chance that they might get wet because they have no roof or even just a tent over them.

So John Carlos decided to share the photos on Facebook to ask help from kind-hearted people and the authorities.

Netizens were quick to share the post and comment. And due to this it caught the attention of some people who were able to get help from Bokal Bart Blanco who lended them tents, chairs, and other things that they needed.

Hopefully, this will also be a wake up call for those other local officials to always go around and help the people who are staying in their area especially in cases like this.

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