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Litrato Ni Andrea Brillantes Kasama si Seth Fedelin, Umani ng Iba’t-ibang Komento Dahil Sa Napansin Nilang Ito

More women have been sharing their stories of being harassed and abused, and talking about how to make a difference.

Everyday around the world, women experience different kinds of oppression and harassment just by being women. Some get catcalled by men on the street, some possibly being physically abused, se***l assaulted, or even r***d.

There’s a thin line between admiring and loving a woman’s body and completely objectifying her.

Se***l objectification happens when a woman’s body, body parts, or se***l functions are being separated from her whole and complex being and treated as objects simply to be looked at, coveted, or touched.

Admiration does not focus too much on a specific body part or a body type. Instead, it demonstrates respect for the woman as a whole like their, personality traits, skills, sense of humor, and so on.

An example of se***l objectification is what happened at the comments section of Philippine young actress Andrea Brillantes’ photo with young actor Seth Fedelin on Facebook.

Image: Instagram/blythe

Image: Instagram/blythe

Men in the comments kept on commenting how big her breasts were, how Seth was close to touching them, or how he’s probably aroused by them.

Image: Fb/Andrea Brillantes

Some even suggested that he should put his hands higher to able to touch them as he was holding her waist in the picture.


This is not how women especially a girl as young as Brillantes should be treated. Women are not objects and it is not okay to make fun of them this way.

However, Brillantes hasn’t commented about the issue as of the moment. Luckily some women did stick up for her saying that these men were indecent and hoped their mothers or sisters if they have any do not experience the same.

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